Top Tips to know before visiting Oman !

افضل المقاﻻت عن السياحة من شركة فﻻي 29

Top Tips to know before visiting Oman !

Oman is listed as one of the must visit destinations by CNN for 2019. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you travel to Oman: As Muscat is a coastal city, the temperatures during the day and sometimes during night time are quite high compared to other parts of the world save for winter time when it gets pretty cold. But Salalah, on the other hand experiences rain and have pleasant climate during summer time due to Monsoon. Make sure to pack light and comfortable colourful clothes to battle the hot sunny days. Omani people are conservative and deeply respect and follow their customs and traditions. Be mindful of the same and take care not to cause offense to them else you might land in trouble. Visitors to Oman must take care to dress conservatively and not show off much skin. It is not recommended to wear swimsuits in public beaches as it will be disrespectful to local population. It is always better to plan ahead and your travels well in advance and decide where all and what all you need to visit in Oman as different regions have different festivals and events or climactic conditions at different times in a year. Ensure that you carry enough local currency (Omani Rials) with you for your travel to Oman and take care to convert your currency to Omani Rials well in advance as most shops accept cash and in malls you can swipe your cards and in other big establishments. Arabic is the official language of Oman and don’t worry English is also widely spoken as are many other languages like Hindi, Swahili, Baluchi and many others. Regarding food, you will have many options for Arabic food, and Indian food apart from International varieties in major outlets throughout the cities and alcohol is only served in the International hotels in the city. In Oman, electric plugs used are Type G with a voltage of 200V to 240V. Oman is considered to one of the safest countries in the world and one of the few terrorism free countries in the world. Efficient police network and peace loving citizens coupled with effective administration ensures that nothing untoward happens to its resident or expat population. For all sorts of adventure enthusiasts, Oman provides plethora of opportunities. Hospitality is a part and parcel of Omani heritage and tradition hence every single visitor to Oman will have been treated to a cup of traditional Omani Kahwa and Dates or Halwa and considered as own family. You will come across the scent of Frankincense almost everywhere you go in Oman as it is the land of Frankincense. You can buy high quality frankincense and other souvenirs to take the memory of the amazing land you just visited and most visitors come back for more as the land sure has a lasting impression on people.

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