Top Underrated places to visit in Oman

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Top Underrated places to visit in Oman

Oman has many tourist attractions for every sort of traveller and also has some gems of locations which are underrated but very beautiful in its own right. Here are some places you can include in your next trip to Oman: Wakan Village – a small yet unique village at the base of Hajar Mountain range, Wakan Village is situated around 2000km above sea level. Visit Wakan Village to view beautiful terraced gardens, picturesque valleys and mountains. Its popular amongst local and expat community for its great hiking tracks. The legend says that Lost City of Ubar was a rich city which became famous for its profitable trade of Frankincense but got buried under a huge sandstorm which happened thousands of years ago which is mentioned in Holy Quran also. The city lies deep inside Rub Al Khali Desert, World’s largest sand desert. Do you want to visit the largest island in Oman? If so, head over to Masirah Island and visit Ras Al Hilf Village, Jabal Madrub, Ras Abu Rasas, & Jabal Al Hilm. Musandam Peninsula in the northern part of Oman is also worth visiting for its unique Khors or fjord like inlets and is rich in marine diversity. Visit Bilad Sayt on 4WD and enjoy the cool weather and scenic surroundings ideal for a weekend getaway from Muscat. It is also worthwhile to visit Tanuf Village perched between the 2 cities of Bahla and Nizwa to explore its historical ruins and experience the pure water for which it is famous for.

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