Tourists Must Never do these in Oman !

افضل المقاﻻت عن السياحة من شركة فﻻي 29

Tourists Must Never do these in Oman !

As with every other Middle Eastern Country, there are certain things which any tourist visiting Oman are not supposed to do. It’s always better to read and have an understanding of the visiting nation’s etiquettes for our own safety. Here are some top tips for every tourists visiting Oman: as with every other Muslim country, it’s not wise to wear inappropriately short clothes which reveal too much skin than normal. Similarly it’s not advisable for women to wear bikinis on the beach. Conversing with each other in loud tones or laughing loudly in open space is not welcomed as it might cause disturbance to neighbours and elderly people. Omanis like peace and do not welcome trouble and respect each other. Hence visitors are expected not to cause any unruly ruckus inside their homes or outside for that matter. It is inadvisable to drink alcohol or consume drugs in public as it is illegal in Oman and will land you in trouble. Omanis and in general all Muslims consider mosques as house of the god. Hence disrespecting a mosque in any manner is a big no. Visitors to mosques must take off their shoes before entering mosques, dress conservatively and women must cover their heads and speaking or laughing loudly within the mosque is not accepted, nor are kids allowed to run around and make noises inside the mosques. Visitors must be careful not to mock Omani traditions as Omanis hold their customs and heritage close to heart and any manner of disrespect regarding it should be highly avoided. Omanis are famous for their legendary hospitality and visitors should they reject the hospitality of resident Omanis it will cause offense. Visitors are not permitted to flirt with resident Omani women nor disrespect them as Omanis respect their womenfolk and do not like any negative action against them. Carrying weapons in public is seen as threatening gesture by local police authorities as well as general public and will get you in trouble. It’s not acceptable to tarnish tourist sites and any manner of misbehaving will be dealt strictly by police.  

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