Top traditional must try Omani Dishes

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Top traditional must try Omani Dishes

A visit to Oman is never complete without trying out the various mouthwatering traditional delicacies the country has to offer! Some of the top dishes to try out include: Majboos also called as Kabsa or Makboos, is a traditional mixed rice dish which includes basmati rice, vegetables, meat or chicken with mix of spices and served with yoghurt or green salad, traditional bread and tomato sauce. Next up is Shuwa which is a fan favourite in Oman. Since its preparation takes 1-2 days, the result is mouth-wateringly delicious hence its made mainly for festivals and other special occasions. The dates you get from each country of Middle East are different and Oman is of no exception. Its told that Omani Dates are among the best you can get also. Sometimes, Omani dates are mixed with sesame paste or sesame and ground coconut amongst other combinations. The result is just amazing. Another must try food is Omani Kahwa meaning coffee in Arabic, which is laced with cardamom powder and forms an essential part of Omani hospitality. Meshkak is marinated beef, or chicken or mutton which is grilled on sticks and served with Omani bread. You can’t afford not to try Omani Halwa made with sugar, honey, rose water, eggs, several Omani spices and nuts. It tastes heavenly and normally either halwa or dates are had with Omani Kahwa. Omani Laban, meaning sour milk in Arabic, is another specialty drink made of yoghurt and buttermilk flavoured with cardamom, mint or cumin. Yet another special dish is Harees which is wheat mixed with meat and served on special occasions. Mashuai is a tasty omani fish preparation which consists of kingfish grilled with special lemon sauce and traditional omani spices and one hundred percent mouth-watering and must have on your trip to Oman.

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