Why Deserts in Oman is among the harshest places to live in the World?

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Why Deserts in Oman is among the harshest places to live in the World?

Deserts are particularly the harshest places to live for any being due to its unforgiving nature and hard climactic conditions. Here are some reasons why Dhofar Desert in Oman is among the toughest places to live in the whole world: according to Austrian Space Forum, the surface of dhofar desert has very close resemblance to the outer surface of planet Mars. We haven’t yet explored the surface of Mars fully and scientists are about to research the Dhofar desert conditions to get a hold of how the climate and terrain of Mars will be. The desert region is classified as “hyper-arid” meaning it doesn’t have water content for the growth of plants or survival of animals. The temperature is extreme with high chance of getting dehydrated which can cause death if not careful. Oman is home to some of the largest continuous sand sea in the world, Rub Al Khali Desert. Due to the harsh conditions prevailing in the desert, there are no touristy amenities or hotels in the desert area.    

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